Brimrod Community School

  1. Parent Information
  2. Staff


Members of the Senior Leadership Team

Mrs. Thompson - Headteacher

Miss Clarke - Deputy Headteacher


  Our Teaching Team

 Miss Clarke - Nursery Teacher

Mrs. Hindley - Reception Teacher

Miss Firth - Year 1 Teacher

 Ms Ali - Year 2 Teacher

Miss Jowle - Year 3 Teacher

Miss Baron & Mrs. O'Brien - Year 4 Teacher

(Mrs. Kouser on Maternity leave)

Mr. Hearne - Year 5 Teacher

Mr. Taylor - Year 6 Teacher


Our Family Support Worker

Mrs. Ashworth


 Our Learning Support Team

Mrs. Simmonds 

Miss Gamson

Mr. Smith

Miss Shaw

Mrs. Khawaja

Miss Dixon 

Mrs. Taylor

Mrs. Akhtar

Mrs. Ashraf

Miss Aitchison 

Mrs. Khan 

Mrs. Mukhtar 

Mrs. Sattar


Our Admin Team

Miss Darlington - Business Manager

Mrs. Morgan - Admin Assistant

Mr. Cox -  IT Technician


Our Site Team

Mr. Schofield - Caretaker

Mr. Ahmed - Cleaner


Our Kitchen Team

Mrs. Penney - Catering Manager

Mrs. Haworth - Kitchen Assistant

Mrs. Bowers - Kitchen Assistant