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Health and Outdoor Learning

Our focus on Health and Outdoor Learning has created a much needed emphasis on opportunities for our children to develop outside of the classroom. This is a consequence of the low activity levels of our children throughout the pandemic and the lack of physical opportunities offered to them.

Initiatives have been developed such as “Run Club” and WOW which are embedded within our daily routines in order to improve the overall health and fitness of our children and staff.

Through our work on outdoor experiences, the physical outdoor environment and mental health, we have created an environment in which our children are motivated and challenged and one which supports all areas of the curriculum and their mental health.

Run Club

The charts below show how far we have run up to the end of the Autumn term.


Walk to school initiative

Last year we placed 4th across Rochdale schools. Let's see if we can beat that this year! 

4th place!

What an achievement.

So far this year we have...