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The Brimrod Curriculum

 “Challenge, Aspire, Create and Achieve”

Our aspirational curriculum is based around our core values “Challenge, Aspire, Create and Achieve”. It has been designed by our staff with our children in mind and develops the knowledge, skills and vocabulary needed for our children and focusses on increasing cultural capital and providing experiential learning.

 Teachers have subject based, learning project overviews, which outline the areas and content to be taught and have knowledge organisers/ non-negotiables that identify what must be covered within each of these areas. These have been designed by the whole school staff who have a thorough knowledge of not only what is required in the National Curriculum but the additional knowledge, skills, vocabulary and experiences that our children need.

 We use the “Cornerstones” curriculum tool as a vehicle to drive our curriculum forward through “Individual Learning Projects” (ILPs). Each year group, focusses on two Individual Learning Projects across each academic year ensuring that they have sufficient time to embed the knowledge and skills identified within each of the National Curriculum subjects and develop their long term memory and recall.

 Within each individual learning project children engage through hands on learning and experiences and develop a wide range of skills and knowledge. They use what they have learned to problem solve and plan, creating thoughtful and interesting learning experiences for the class to share. In order to deepen knowledge and understanding, and develop presenting and discussion skills, the children share their learning with parents during our exciting and well attended “Express Afternoons”.

 Please have a look at the subjects we cover below. Specific Knowledge organisers for each topic and more detailed information about our Early Years curriculum can be found on the class pages.

If you would like to know more about our curriculum or have any questions, please contact the school office. 

Tel: 01706 647146