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Sports Council

At Brimrod we have put together a school sports council with the aim of encouraging more children to take part in physical activity. The sports council are a well-established team within school and have daily tasks including; managing the playground equipment and overseeing the run club of each class. They are there to offer support and advice to children who are struggling to engage in physical activity. Each sports councilor has been selected through an application process whereby each applicant explained how they could compliment the school sports council with their new and engaging ideas.

The role of the sports councilor is:

  • To encourage children to take part in physical activities in the playground.
  • Be a role model to all pupils and show them how to play/take part in physical activity.
  • Offer advice and support to children who aren’t engaged or are struggling with a certain aspect of physical activity.
  • Be responsible for the breaktime equipment and to take the trolleys.
  • Offer new ideas and games to play on the playground.
  • Deliver games to small groups of children to play.
  • Take part in games.
  • Be seen as a role model in class.